(forever under construction)

3D 'Large' Games Made in UE4
THIS DEAD WINTER - Current Personal Project
VR Ultimate Paintball: Heartbrake, Regret & Paintbots - HTC Vive, A Solo Steam Early Access Endeavour
Reapers Rampage - Final Year Team Project, my primary roles: Technical Artist & Gameplay Programmer
Welcome To Earth - Placement Year Project - Gameplay Programmer & Technical Artist

VR Work
Galactic Surge - In Progress, HTC Vive endless space flight game
VR Paintball - Shoot targets and waves of paintbot drones

Projectile - Scifi over the top gun shot and explosion
Deformable Snow - Realtime snow deformation in UE4

UE4 Tutorials
How to make a Heat Map to track players positions - 30 minutes runtime
How to make a keypad - 90 minutes runtime (That's like an entire film, of me just talking...)
Frosted and Blurred Glass - 50 minutes runtime

Mobile Games Made in Unity
The Drop - Endless falling proceedual geometric generation in C#
Chroma Catch - Catch colours for as long as you can, obtain the high score in C#

Potentially Interesting Programming Bits & Bobs
Boids - Flocking behaviour in UE4 C++
DirectX9 Game Engine - Space game that for allows landing on multiple planets in C++
DirectX11 TK Level Editor - University first year project in C++
DirectX11 TK Game - University first year project in C++

Email Me - although twitter is far superior

Me Me Me
Hi. I'm Rob Potter, a post grad with a first class (Hons) degree in Games Programming BSc. Currently developing a rather foxy game called
This Dead Winter (click me... please)